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Leadership Center


Making Sure You’re Packed For Success

No matter where you are on your journey, The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center offers keynote speakers and training courses that can help guide and direct your business to the next level. You can select one of the upcoming courses at a Ritz-Carlton Hotel, or you can choose an on-site presentation at a location of your choice.

Courses are available in a variety of formats including keynotes (up to two hours), half-day (three hours), or full-day (six hours). Under the course descriptions, you will find the learning objectives and the intended audience for each course.

If your focus is leadership development, you should consider the Executive Education program. This interactive workshop is designed for senior staff that want to lead sustainable, positive change in their organizations.

The Ritz-Carlton Journey

If your organization is looking for the best way to increase employee engagement, boost customer loyalty, and out-perform the competition, then embarking on The Ritz-Carlton Journey will lead you towards positive, sustainable transformation.

The Ritz-Carlton Journey includes all of our core classes and embraces every member of your organization. Each course provides your team with proven techniques and strategies that can be applied to your organization.

Here is the recommended itinerary for your The Ritz-Carlton journey:

  1. Legendary Service at The Ritz-Carlton – The first stop on your journey is to learn about The Ritz-Carlton philosophy and core values and how these impact our corporate culture.
  2. Back to Basics: Ritz-Carlton Style – This next stop focuses on the important basics of service delivery.
  3. “Radar on-Antenna Up”: The Ritz-Carlton Method of Fulfilling Unexpressed Wishes and Needs – Now you are ready to take your service excellence to a higher level and experience how to “Wow” and delight customers and create memorable service.
  4. It’s all About Leadership at The Ritz-Carlton – This stop will inspire the leaders of your organization which will in turn further engage employees and customers.
  5. “The Fire Within” – Igniting Passion for Ritz-Carlton Performance Excellence – This final stop will help ignite and sustain employees’ passion for service excellence.


The following video testimonial is from Austin Bank about the value of having an on-site presentation from The Ritz-Carlton. For additional feedback about specific courses, please visit our testimonials page.

The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center reserves the right to decline registrations from companies or individuals who compete with The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. or their affiliates.
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